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10 Steps System suggestion for Tryouts: F/A esports Projects

How to start an esports roster.


1. Scout (watch vods, highlights, CVs, ask around).

2. Vet them - have a personal talk, cam on, how invested/serious/committed are they?

3. Play together for a day - regardless of results, focus on meshing/roles & compatibility/mental. Use common defaults to see their reactions.

4. Make changes/cuts as needed based on what you've observed & repeat steps 1-3 with new players.

5. Play together for 2 more days - 10h will give you a good idea of the potential. Use more complex strats to gauge adaptability & fit into our system.

6. Make adjustments as needed.

It might help to break up your introduction into 2 or 3 main points, so it’s easy for your readers to follow. Each paragraph or two should focus on one point.

7. Consider the next 2 weeks as tryout before you commit to staying together.

8. Make final decisions - commit.

9. Get coaching staff in place - being the coach/IGL combo is less recommended.

10. Get a structure in place to work together, proper prac, schedule, meetings, goals.


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