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Key things for Coaches to Implement in Teams:

- Set a "win together, lose together" mindset

- We give it our all standard

- Have team sessions for openness & trust

- Have 1on1s for player dev

- Promote a thriving, psychologically safe work environment

- Work with daily/weekly/monthly goals (macro & micro)

- Have clear roles for each player

- Make sure to spend bonding quality time together out of game

- Encourage failing & getting back up again instead of perfection

- Create a system for continuous feedback

- Track & measure progress

- Be a leader, inspire & motivate, be a role model first

- Engage yourself & your players to perform to your potential

- Define what behavior changes are needed to unlock high performance

- Uncover root cause mindsets that will help click together as a team

- Agree on a culture setting together

- Allow them to come up with solutions as well as providing them

- Produce opportunities for individuals to overcome personal barriers to change

- Have each others backs

- Don’t set in routines, implement 1 small new thing weekly for innovation

- Never ever forget to have some fun & play

- Tailor your coaching style to your team's needs

- Hold them accountable

- See the person behind the player, show the person behind the coach

- Stay authentic

- Have a plan & continue to modify it

- Do what you say you will do.


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