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Underdog Mentality in esports

An underdog mentality is a mindset that empowers individuals / teams to overcome adversity & achieve success, despite facing challenges, judgments & obstacles.

Teams / individuals that come as the underdogs, are not expected to win by others’ beliefs. Classic David vs Goliath.

This mentality can actually give you the edge as others won't study you & you can sneak up on them.

It can take pressure off, because there's nothing to lose, all you can do is have fun & give it your best.

Use it as an advantage. Find your flow & over-will/work them to the top.

Surprise them with an unexpected rising power turnaround.

At any given moment in every game, anything can happen.

Just watch any comeback match that ever happened, recent Val Champions or RL Gamers8, etc...

Proving time & time again that anyone can be the underdog that made it.

However - if YOU have an underdog mentality about yourself / your team, now it starts adding pressure & expectations on you..

You could feel that there's little to no chance at succeeding & give up before even starting, because there's no point to even try, we are bound to lose.

You start to overthink, compare yourself to others & play small - putting you at a disadvantage & creating the loss you fear.

To overcome the underdog mentality you MUST BELIEVE!

In the game of life, your attitude towards obstacles can be the difference between winning & losing.

The best way to play is to not play with assumptions. “X is better, I'm better/worse, we win/lose this”.

Pre deciding directly affects your actions in game, so do not over/under estimate.

Don't even call them by name, or look up ranks. Just work the characters / positions neutral.

Play with a clean mindset, FOCUS ONLY ON YOURSELF & YOUR GAME - how can I be better than yesterday?

Focus on what you CAN do & claim momentum back.

That way you only play to be better than yourself.

Let them underestimate you as the underdog & bring full force to take the win.

In the end, they can think you’re the underdog as much as they want, but ANYTHING is winnable!

They could have a bad day, you could peak & find flow.

Underdog Mentality is all about tapping into your potential.

Others' opinions show you what you really believe about yourself...

It’s what you believe about yourself

- because YOU are the only thing that is within YOUR control... -

that will determine how you play in the moment & sway the actual results.

"What if your dreams aren't to be afraid of, but signs from life to where you're meant to go?" - Karin
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