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Mental conditioning - shifting negative thoughts in esports players

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. We have about 70,000 thoughts a day, about a thought a min. Only 5% of them are NEW thoughts, the other 95% is old mental chatter running on a loop.

Are you aware of what % of those are negative thoughts & how they impact our mind? Thoughts shape our perspective → creates our judgments → forms our decisions in every single moment. What is mental conditioning? Becoming familiar with our mental skills, modifying thoughts, attitudes & beliefs to create new tendencies to become our natural state. The ability to optimize those skills to elevate performance.

The pattern of the old thoughts requires interruption to transform.

How do we create mental conditioning?

Awareness → Education → Application:

# Recognize you are NOT your thoughts - because:

➕You don’t disappear when you don't think

➕Sometime your mind chatters before bed, when you just want to sleep

* Self-talk are thoughts you're intending to create

* Affirmations are thoughts you're choosing to think repetitively

# Develop self-awareness by detaching from thoughts:

➕ Watch your thoughts

➕ Write them down

➕ Notice what triggers them

➕ Practice not getting lost in the thought & allowing it to pass like clouds under the sky

➕ Meditations & mindfulness practices

# Introduce logical critical thinking - 4 core questions to disrupt:

➕What is the evidence that this thought is true?

➕Would I say that to a friend?

➕Could there be another explanation than what I understood?

➕What is the effect of the way that I’m thinking? is this working?

# Refocus & realizing that:

➕This little thought becomes a tornado of negativity

➕It is what's killing your game

➕Catch it early & choose another focus

➕Ex: playing for my team, proving to myself that I can, using this time to prep, etc. The reason you do what you do.

# Practice it under pressure:

➕Pin-point obstacles & modify

➕Challenge it & continue with deeper thoughts that come up

➕See how it holds up under pressure

➕Allow it to become a habit & don’t give up

➕Adjust as needed

Here are some alternative thoughts to re-focus on.

Ones that refine you, not define you.

These are just suggestions as you have to pick something you can Believe in & find proof for in your own life.

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