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10 Steps System suggestion for Tryouts: Established Teams

How to start an esports team.


1. Get coaching staff aligned - goals, what are we looking for.

2. Scout (vods, experience, etc.).

3. Vet them - have a personal talk, cam on, clarify if our values & expectations align.

4. Play 2 days together - 1 prac day & 1 simulating tourney day to test it under some pressure.

5. Make changes/cuts as needed - consider longevity, mental, skill, drive, potential.

6. Consider the next 2 weeks tryouts before you commit to each other.

7. Increase prac difficulty gradually, up responsibility daily whilst providing guidance & feedback to measure improvement.

8. Make adjustments as needed.

9. Have a plan to integrate them into our operations & set a few team bonding activities.

10. Allow the new formation to take it's own shape, without trying to make it what it was before. Growth is change!

Let's Go!

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