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Tilt - esports

Tilt comes from a sense of caring. We either care too much that it’s easier to get mad than sad, or we pretend not to care at all & stop reacting. What we want to aspire to is balance. Not care 50% & don’t care 50% - but Care VS Attachment. When we care we give it our all.

The problem comes when we start developing expectations. Attachments. Then, the minute we don’t get the result we need - we crash. So we want to fully care, but put our focus on progress OVER winning. The small wins will begin to grow & winning will come more naturally.

When we care but are unattached -

Tilt won’t bother us as much or be as dominant. Funny thing is that when we pretend not to care - tilt is even higher bc we secretly get hurt. So crack Care up to 100% & let go of Attaching it to the end result. 100% focus on the moment-to-moment of the game.

"Playing for progress is caring. Playing for winning is attachment." – Z & K

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