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Personal accountability in esports

So many times we tweet about feeling depressed or complain about something over & over again with no change.
There's a big deference between sharing/expressing & just repeating things.

Sometimes pain can become our new comfort zone - it's just easier than to dare to change.

That, sprinkled with the attention it might bring us, can become addictive.

This is my favorite guiding question to snap out of complaining just for the sake of complaining & starting a change ->

What am I willing to change/invest to make it better?

When you ask yourself what you're willing to change/invest to make it better, you'll be able to clearly see if your immediate reaction is to:

  • Book a session

  • Use resources

  • Make a plan

  • Invest time/energy/intention

  • Stop acting a certain way

  • Ask for help

  • Try something new

  • Listen

  • etc.

OR it'll be to do nothing, change nothing, invest nothing & suppress it, hoping something will magically change.

You've got 1 life. It's happening right now.

Another show, another meal, just passing the time & ignoring the problem is just prolonging it.

Get in there & work the problem 1 step at a time. Even a 0.0001 pivot changes a whole trajectory. A change wants to take place in you.

Sometime you gotta commit to something new to become the new person you want to be.

Good luck!

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