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What is your most dominant mindset currently?

Get to know esports player Mindsets modules

All Mindsets are products of our past experiences, which created our current thinking patterns. We all have a combo of mindsets, in different areas.

1. Fixed Mindset - My talents/abilities are fixed. This is just "how I was born". Playing small/safe, not challenging myself out of fear of trying & failing. Thinking I don't have what it takes. You believe intelligence, talent, and other qualities are innate & unchangeable.

2. Growth Mindset - Believing in improvement & value incremental development. Uses persistent practice. Pro learning. Embraces challenges. Motivated to apply effort. "Greatness is created not born with" attitude. Putting in the work to improve skills over time, it's worth it.

3. Ego Mindset - Playing & behaving aggressively, "star players/prodigies" mentality. Dominating fragging/stats are what matters. The more attention the better, thinking we're better than others boosts the ego. Potentially covering insecurities/underlying anger rooted in sadness.

4. Over-achiever Mindset - Finding fulfillment in success. It's all about leveling up. They thrive on challenge & overcoming it. Very adaptable, open to feedback, hype, motivational. Attached more to their achievements than progress. Potential lack of satisfaction & presence.

5. Anxious over-achiever Mindset - I’m not allowed to lose. When losing is not an option, anxiety rises. Do or die mentality. Using pressure to push myself or I won’t achieve anything. Low self-esteem, lack of enjoyment of the game. Prove myself, please others, a need to control.

6. Content Mindset - I just want to be stable and ok, I'll do what's best for the team. Solid, just good enough. Low motivation, spark & passion. I'm good where I am, no need to change too much. Flat energy, content with anything, stagnated. Hovers in the background & follows.

7. Explorer Mindset - In it for the discovery/learning. Loves finding new things & the quest, it's about the journey not the destination. Doesn't do well with restrictions, less likely to tilt but gets bored. Game sense is their thing. Tend to over-explain & hang on to details.

8. Socializers Mindset - Loves the relationships & communities within the game. It's about togetherness, spotlight, laughing, hanging out & talking. Potential streamers, casters, content creators. Enjoys the game thoroughly, not just outcomes. The team is my family & friends.

9. Team-player Mindset - It's all about what's best for the team. I thrive when we thrive. Sometimes they forget about themselves. Tries to be like everyone else instead of shining through their strengths & doing what they love. Team-centered, individual performance may suffer.

10. Shy Mindset - Thinks little of themselves. Low confidence, quiet, keeps to themselves. Leans away from the team. Consistent repetitive performance. Doesn't get much public attention but can be who players go to to share something or for advice. Stays in the shadows.

11. Victim Mindset - Things are happening to me, not for me. Feels singled-out/“unlucky", resulting in blaming instead of taking action, has go-to excuses. Tendency for “oh-shit” comms, takes things personally. Can be compassionate/supportive in-game, as they relate to struggle.

12. Controller Mindset - tends to micromanage, usually IGL/in-game controller. Hard to trust others to do their part. Overwhelmed from taking on too much, their personal performance may drop. Very thoughtful, detail-oriented, takes initiative & can be excellent problem-solvers.

Of course, nothing is black & white in the world:

📍Every player has a mix of many Mindsets

📍Ego mindsets aren't "bad", there's no good & bad. Behind every egoic act there's a need to be seen/a hurt/feeling the pressure to carry, a behavioral habit they don't know how to break. 📍Caring about rank/fragging/stats doesn't equal an ego mentality

📍A fixed Mindset could have come from a lack of support at home

📍There are many many many more Mindsets. No 1 mindset is better than the other, they each have their pros & cons.

It's about becoming more of who you ARE & developing Self-Awareness.

Only through acceptance can we excel.

Just like you can change your mind, you can change your MINDSET.

Nothing is ever set in stone/perfect.

Let go of any self-judgment & get yourself to where you want to be ♥️

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