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What is the best / optimal _________ in esports?

Fill in the blank ➡️ Aim routine / way to be consistent / mindset to play with / recovery time / intensity / pressure training / morning or evening routine / etc.

There will never be an answer because we are all SO different. It can’t be 1 size fits all. The Mindset & emotional state you need best - is specific to you. The answer lies with you. YOU have to figure out the right one for you, for different times.

Here's how:

1. Develop self-awareness -

📍Who am I?

📍How do I love to play? How would I play if I had no limitations?

📍What are my strengths / development points?

📍Specifically, what kind of player do I want to be?

2. Keep track of what works & what doesn’t -

📍Divide the topic you’re trying to optimize into 5+ sub categories & rate yourself daily/weekly/monthly on it

📍What’s blocking me from succeeding?

📍Am I doing something because I Want to or because I think I Should?

📍My intentions

3. Learn new tools -

📍Use other’s past experience to shorten your path

📍Watch videos, read materials, understand the topic as you go to make the best decisions

📍Consult with others, we can be blind to ourselves & can’t know what we don’t know we don’t know

📍Try new things

4. Modify & adapt -

📍You can always modify anything to fit you

📍Keep evolving, not everything new & scary is necessarily not for you

📍Allow a gestation period for things to take shape

📍Keep adapting to rising challenges

5. Take on deeper issues that arise (stop the “bleeding” rather than “band-aid” it) -

📍The more you explore, more emerges. It can start with aim but really be about losing focus or vice versa

📍The more we heal the core issue the wider it’s impact will be across everything else

6. What gets you in THE ZONE/Flow -

📍Everything takes less energy & fuels you up with passion

📍High performance & optimal functioning

📍What do your best performances have in common?

📍Trace back thoughts, emotions & actions to find tendencies / patterns

📍Repeat flow inducers


Is aggro the best Mindset to play with? Be a “killer”, dominate.

Does it match your natural personality?

If not, it’ll end up distracting you more than anything else, slowing down your flow.


You may discover that it's really more about self-doubt/a lack of setting boundaries for you, than playing aggro. Maybe it’s about the fun, the lightness that brings up the best in you. Or focus & proving that you can do it. Pick the best / optimal motivational mindset for you.

It doesn't matter what’s the best / optimal way.

There are guidelines, but no one thing is BEST for everyone.

What you're really asking & what you really need is to play at YOUR best & peak.

➕Don’t let anybody / anything else dictate what’s best for you

➕Educate on the best odds but stop looking for perfect

➕Don’t copy others. Learn & let your gut takeover from there, be a new trailblazer if need be

➕Just be you, let go of limiting beliefs & follow your Flow.

So, what is the best thing for me? What do I need?

Listen to your instincts & explore.

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