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Taking things personally

In the esports industry it’s super easy to take things personally. But we shouldn’t because this can kill our performance, our mood, and make us want to give up or lash out.

It's on you to be accountable & professional. Don't take things personally. If someone is doing something to you, you can choose to deal with it & let it go. It's always more about them than it is about you. Especially in the not-fully developed young minded scene of esports. People project their own insecurities, feelings and agendas onto others because they do not know how to deal with themselves.

Gain control over your own emotions and recognize it’s a choice in how you respond to any situation. The only way you give others the power over you is if you choose to let them have it, by taking things personally.

Sometimes people don't reply. Sometimes someone will point out a mistake of yours. As a player people might criticize you on social media or on a broadcast. Just remember these things, no matter their legitimacy, are not about you & don’t define you. Once you make them about you, they become your responsibility and your burden. If you don’t they can become an opportunity to learn, grow and become mentally resilient.


  • Learn to give & receive feedback in a non aggressive way. The feedback is designed to help you or others improve, not bring each other down.

  • Learn to breathe & then respond. Instead of spontaneously reacting, slow down and take a breath or two before taking any action (ignoring, responding, taking the high road, opening up a discussion, etc.)

  • Learn to value yourself & be confident in what you do. It’s your life & your process, so let others opinions & judgements stay their own.

  • Learn to not compare yourself to others & shine in your uniqueness. You might not do everything perfectly, but you & the scene don’t benefit from you being someone else.

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