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The truth about Consistency (for esports gaming players)

Just because CONSISTENCY is 1 word, doesn't mean it's 1 thing to do.

CONSISTENCY simply means showing up everyday the way you did before.

Simply said - hardest to do.

Because so many daily obstacles arise, that keep us from having the same good energies, aim, mental fortitude, etc. we had on a good day... we allow external circumstances to changes us. To over-power us.

Only when we master our inner self & our own energy - can we show up consistently.

--> Only then can we excel our current level.

--> Only after, can we improve & find our next level.

--> Then we get consistent with that - so much so that it becomes our natural daily state.

--> Then we excel, improve & keep reaching our potential.

Once we understand that - CONSISTENCY becomes easier & practical. Instead of asking ourselves "why am I not consistent??? ugh" --> we ask ourselves: "what's keeping me from being consistent now?"

Then we work the problem & return to balance.

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